Friday, August 15, 2008

My Scrap Book - Independence


Today is a very special day for all of us – the Indians . Our INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Just felt like reflecting on what independence means to me .

Independence, to me, means, when one enjoys the freedom of mind and buoyancy of human spirit .

Anyone who understands freedom knows that freedom is not total abandon, or leissez-faire. If I am free, so are others. So while I enjoy my freedom, I am also alive to my responsibility to respect freedom of others.

And Buoyancy .. ? Well, press me down , and I will bounce back. Ever seen a child playing in water with a ball filled with air/gas ? Try pressing it – it bounces back and keeps afloat. And what keeps it afloat is what is within it. Similarly, human spirit - apply external force – instead of yielding, it would soon find its own course for expression and show its true mettle – human spirit knows no bounds.

The moment I live by these principles of “ have and let other have”, occasions for collision with others will be very few. And if at all there are such occasions, I will have the courage to make the correct choice. And I would remember – it may not always be correct to choose for self at the cost of others ; and at the same time , it may not always be correct to let others choose at the cost of yourself . Wisdom is : to be able to differentiate between the two situations and when that wisdom dawns on anyone, that is a state of true freedom of mind and human spirit - true independence.

Independence to me is when I tell myself “It matters little what others think about you or what the world may say: it is by your own honest judgement of yourself that you must stand or fall .” and mean every word of it !

Independence to me is when I close my eyes and hear my Almighty saying “ Why fear when I am there : Put all your faith into me and I shall guide and guard you.” and believe in every word of it !!


ramesh said...

It is good to say that what keeps one afloat is what is in him. Don't u think that Christ was constrained to respond in a certain way when he was being crucified. He had nothing in him except love n compassion. So he said " God forgive them......". Don't u think there is a subtle difference between Independence n Freedom . one is oriented in the environment while the other is more internal. - r c khadanga.

snigdha said...

Thx a lot, Khadanga sa'ab. Yeah.. u r correct ; but personally, I always take these two terms interchangeably - coz freedom is the ultimate and there is no true independence without freedom. I think only political independence is oriented in the environment – and one can be free in mind even without political independence. But what kind of political independence it would be, if there is no freedom of mind ? Ultimately , both must converge …. to make sense.

Anonymous said...

When you sit down and allow your mind to settle down you see a few options which truly tempts you to start a move. When you feel you are good enough to take the call, you can feel the independence.I like the way put it.

snigdha said...

Hi Friend - 'would have loved to know who you are . Anyway, really liked the way you have put it. Makes a lot of give a link to your blog, if u have it .