Monday, August 18, 2008


The D day has arrived. Today is the last day of my notice period to quit service in my present organisation. I retire voluntarily with effect from close of business today. I cease to be a serving employee of my organisation from 5 pm today onwards – after an innings of 25 years 8 months and 17 days !! Strange – It is NOT feeling anything severely bad. Well, may be because, today is the last day only technically – actually, I had moved out on 26th July,08 after coming back from office, as thereafter I have been on leave. I have already been through all the natural emotions of separation during my first few days of staying away from office. The process of thinking through the decision to quit is also over and I believe, what I am going to do will be beneficial for me in a broader context.

Had I retired in usual course ( after more than 11 years from now), I would have received a grand farewel from colleagues & superiors, spiced with talks about me in all goody goody words. Of course, quite a bit of it would have been honest ( Ha, ha !! – just like to believe that ). Well, I will miss that – but cann’t help – there is miles to go … after my heart’s beckoning .. I have no time to stand still and mourn what I am leaving behind ! It will always be cherished though .

Funnily, there is a strike today in the entire Group of my organisation – against a host of issues. A colleague sent me an sms – Ma’am, the whole Group is going on strike on 18th August, 08 to protest against your VR. Obviously, that is not the fact . But, that was too sweet an sms !! Actually, I am totally touched by the way people ( who know me – and the number is very large, thanks to my assignments !) have been expressing their feelings about my decision to quit.

I would like to thank all for the affection and the whole lot that I have learnt from all of you. I would quote the following, which again was smsed by one of my colleagues:

“A life ends when an egg is broken by external pressure, but the same egg when breaks due to internal pressure gives birth to a new life ”

So .. here I go in pursuit of that new life …. which has already taken birth ( my blog !) .. but I have to put in my heart and soul to nurture it and see it growing ! Your feedback would be most valued. I thank my children for having initiated me into the wonderworld of blogging !

Bye friends and wish you all the very best in life. I will miss you all .


Anonymous said...

It is a bit personal this time i guess.It is difficult to comment on a personal topic as you are conscious that you may hurt a tender spot by your touch. But just think you have come far enough through the charted course how about embracing the experiences of charting a course- if you are reasonably curious and willing. You may end up nowhere- but it is a heaven for you. You always love your child much more than anybody else even when aware of his/her weaknesses than any body else for it is yours. I don't think you will exchage it with any god.

snigdha said...

Yes, it was personal - but I guess,quite sharable . And, you are absolutely correct - right on my pulse. Yes, I am feeling as if my new course is like my child, which I would not like to tread with anything . Thx