Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi Friends

Hi friends,

Finally, I have launched my own website . I will be blogging from there henceforth. Right now, I am trying to carry over some blogposts from this blog - the ones with all time relevance.

I have deliberately chosen a very simple design and thank my daughter for understanding my needs and giving me a design accordingly.

Pl visit and share your comments and suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Stubbmled accross your blog and decided to have a very quick study, not what I usually do, but you have a great blog. Wonderful to see a site that isnt full of spam, and actually makes some sense. Awesome blog

snigdha said...

thanks a ton. Would greatly appreciate if you can give your site url, in case you have. Love knowing others' perspectives on various issues. Of course, since quite sometime, I am not active in blog - but soon I plan to come back - through my own site snigdhamohanty.com and Twitter. Thanks again for visiting and actually reading some of my posts - those are just some piece of my mind.