Thursday, November 6, 2008


Been on too long a break, I swear !! Of course, every bit of it was part of a needed schedule of activities and vacation ( grand Europe tour – I will get back on that very soon), which could not have included blogging - so, no regrets. But the fact remains that both I ( only my “writer” self ) and my car have gathered a bit of dust . So, today the first thing I did was to clean my car nicely- flushing all dust & dirt accumulated over close to two months. Next, I thought, I must cleanse myself of lethargy ( yeah-you like it or not, although leisure does rejuvenate, it also brings with it lethargy – inertia, you know !! )

S.o.o. – to pick up the threads again – I thought I would first share a pictorial story -something wonderfully reassuring and superbly thought-provoking- that a very dear friend of mine ( Thanks, Veera ! ) had e mailed to me during my vacation.

Here it goes! NO PAIN.... NO GAIN

Photo ( 15 nos - having technical difficulty with uploading ; so trying to upload contents and photos separately) This is a test upload .

Apparently, this captures a very simple answer to all our troublesome “WHYs” – especially when we feel unjustly wronged for which we do not have immediate convincing explanations. Take the brunt of life as it comes – somewhere at a distance, it will benefit you and in retrospect, you will understand, there was a definite purpose. So, do not shierk or deliberately take short-cuts.

Think of this - every moment and every event is just perfect in nature. Everything happens for a special purpose in this universe. It just so happens that we do not realise it immediately. Trust this and try accepting every experience with gratitude, as something happening as per Divine Will with an ultimate design for your good and soon you would start seeing the opportunity for growth and betterment in each event, in each experience, no matter how bitter, painful, challenging it may appear at the moment. Put in perspective, nothing wrong ever happens, neither anyone commits any mistake in the first place – it is all a part of a continuous learning process . Yes, repeat the mistake – the entire perspective changes – you have failed to introspect and learn. Each experience holds key to many benefits that accrue after a lag, which we fail to foresee and become wary of the present . “Accepting” gives us the fortitude to bear the present and reap the future benefits – if only, we truly believe in the age-old saying that everything happens for good and seize the opportunity for growing as a human being !!

So, be grateful for each moment passed, each experience lived – no matter what ; learn from what you have gone through, grow and move on .... with unflinching faith in divine dispensation and indomitable will to be all that you can be .


sambit said...

Well come back. I think when you respond to external stimuli you first accept it, then you allow it to plant itself inside you, you give it the life to come at you. If the initial stimuli is irritating the response in you will be equally or more irritating. Just check if you find it to your liking - take it or leave it. No point in dwelling on a matter you don't like. Why to accept ? Just allow it its space and don't touch it if you don't like it.

Snigdha said...

First a huge thanks .. for checking out my site - I had thought, my blog is dead perhaps after such a long pause. Seeing a comment is like a spark of life !

Secondly, after going through your comments, the first thing that occurred to me was that your comments would have been slightly different, had you seen the pictures I wanted to upload( but could not ... I will upload them somehow sometime and edit-upload the same post - do check out then ). More or less, u also mean the same thing when u say " just allow it its space... " .
To me, acceptance with gratitude does not mean surrendering to fate cowardly. it requires a great deal of strength of character to believe that whatever u r today is because of whatever u have gone through till now plus the net learnings. When u elevate yourself to a level where only what u have learnt matters, without the original emotions of pleasure or pain getting evoked, that can be called a true state of acceptance. And, if that be so, then should u not be grateful that it happened to u ?

veera said...

the pictorials would have clarified the aspect . sambit has related what one actually does whereas the approach as suggested by snigdha makes a huge difference in one's life.

Anonymous said...

please see my site for the pictorials