Sunday, May 4, 2008

Diet Delight - Boiled Veggie


Here is a very common boiled vegetable dish of Orissa - absolutely healthy and tastes great if served right after it is done . Better to avoid storing this in refrigerator and serving after re-heating - as its flavour comes only from the seasoning and that is lost if re-heated .



Ingredients : mixed vegetables ,one onion, one green Chilly , 7 to 8 Garlic flakes – crushed, one small tomato ( optional), Paanch Phutan , salt to taste , Badi ( 4/5 pieces , if available )

Recommended combination : potato ( not more than one for serving four people as other veggies together will make a large quantity ), raw papaya ( a little less than 1/4th of a usual sized papaya ( or Lauki of Swami Ramdev fame - need not put both as both are watery stuff ), a small piece of Pumpkin, Muli ( Raddish), one Bringal, “ 3 / 4 pieces of “ Saru” ( called arbi in Hindi / perhaps colocassia in English ), a few pods of cauliflower( if available ), “Jahni” ( green gourd – something similar to Tori of North India ), Potolo ( Parval ), “ Chhueen” (Drumstick), Bhindi ( Ladies finger), Beans .

Actually , a marvellous combination of green veggies along with some really healthy stuff like papaya/ lauki go into this recipe . Except perhaps stuff like Capsicum, , carrot, cabbage, karela ( and I avoid plantain as it spoils the colour) – everything else can be combined . I know people who mix even carrots - I don’t like because of its sweetness . You can also mix some strands of Palak ( Spinach) and Pumpkin Flower .

Process : Heat enough water in a wide mouthed – deep pan ( Kadai ) – adding some salt . Cut the vegetables into thin slices or small cubes ( but all in a uniform manner ) - ONE By ONE in order of the usual time taken for their being cooked – and go on adding one by one . This way , by the time u complete cutting veggies, boiling also gets over . Further , this way u ensure that each veggie gets cooked just the right amount( Hum saath saath – Phir bhi Khaas khaas type , Ha, Ha ) avoiding the mix to be one big puddle of unrecognisable ingredients) . For example , first , put Saru( arbi) , then papaya, aloo, muli & pumpkin, drumsticks, beans, potol, janhi, brinjal, bhindi, some sliced onion & one green chillie . Cook covered . By the time u put the last veggie, everything is cooked .

Seasoning : Heat mustard oil , splutter Paach Phutan , add one whole red chilly , crushed garlic flakes ( about 8 /9 ), badi crumbs – fry and add to the boiled vegetables and cover immediately . Donot boil . Leave a bit of watery soup – many would like it that way . Badi adds to taste - but u may season without it too . Basic taste comes from the mix of the veggies & crushed garlic seasoning .

(Can also use refined oil for seasoning)

SERVE HOT WITH ROTI/ RICE . A simple healthy & tasty boiled veggie recipe . Worth trying by all . Especially, children should be made to eat this as these days they are getting very averse to green vegetables .


Asha said...

Simple and easy dishes always tastes the best and comforting too, aren't they? Sounds good to me!:))

Snigdha said...

So true ! Thanks . Meanwhile, I had tried yr aloo wala puri recipe - the dough came out very nice and puri tasted really very good . I tried out simple roti with that dough ( made with boiled potato)- was really nice and soft- was good for taking tiffin.