Sunday, March 30, 2008



A few day’s back , I just happened to find a Thai sauce ( looked like a sweet & sour sauce from ingredients ) in a store. Instantenously, I started salivating – it reminded me of the delicious starters that I usually order when we dine out at Sanghai Express ( that’s a small but authentic Chinese restaurant here in Bhubaneswar). I love Chicken Taipei - dry sweet & sour boneless grilled ( or fried, I don’t know exactly) chicken pieces . Once I had tried it out with prawns – with a mix of vinegar, honey, garlic paste & red chillie flakes . Tasted nice, but not what I was exactly looking for .

When I got this sauce, I could not wait to experiment. So, my experiment started – and look at the photo ( mobiles are these days amazing – with camera & blue tooth for transferring to comps ) !! Is it not exotic !! Tastes as delicious .

How I made it : Slice boneless chicken – wash, put a little bit ( a drop or two – very little indeed) of soya sauce, salt ( on a lower side than needed) and just a dash of cornflour powder. Grill it in Microwave (till cooked and very slightly brown).

Cut Capsicum in to cubes and Onions to cubes ( so that after cooking, layers of Onions will remain nicely – neither too soft, nor too hard) . Heat refined oil in a non-stick pan, add the onions and capsicum – fry on high flame . Sprinkle a bit of salt to taste & a bit of black pepper powder. Add the microwaved chicken – add Thai sauce ( two/three table spoonfuls depending on quantity – ladies can make amazing guess work as to the measure of ingredients !! If u err on either side, try the second time – u will make it perfectly , I swear ! Already happened with me many a time, ha, ha. ) . Cover & Cook till done- stiring in between . Towards the end, a little bit of water will start separating – sprinkle some cornflour ( do not put much at all – just enough to soak up the water to make the consistency as it looks in the picture ) – mix it well while frying . Lo..o - It’s done . Looks so tempting !! Tastes yummy – sweet n sour n chilly !! Great combination.

Want to try it out by grilling the chicken in an OTG – Micro wave makes everything moist . Next time, I will also try cooking the chicken first on low fire on stove top .

I had prepared this when my daughter came back from a three weeks project with some NGO in Rajastan and had no chicken ( for that matter, no proper food , as they were staying in real villages for first hand feedback from grass root level ) and she loved it. My day was made!

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