Friday, April 20, 2007

My first post

This is my first post!!!

Today's Akhshay Tritiya and I wanted to start something that I had wanted my whole life.


Asha said...

Welcome to blogosphere S!

Yes, it is fun to interact and be one one of great foodie bunch we have here. You might also get some negative comments along with mostly very positive comments but don't let that negativity bother you. Hugs to you and enjoy!:)

Snigdha said...

Hey , thanks - had not seen this earlier . Any comment is cool - just seeing a number against comment is so exciting !!
I m really really lucky that u ( not exaggering - yr site is too amazing )have visited mine and nothing could have been a better beginning for me . Trust, when I make some different strokes on my site( other than recipes), u will read them too and suggest value additions .

Snigdha said...

Watch out, I have deliberately made one spelling error in my response to yr comment - let me see if u get to point that out :)